Monday, 17 December 2012


it's happen before prom
i think like 2 or 3 days before prom, i guess
sooooooo my grandparents came to my house cause diorang nk pergi hospital i guess which my dad yg sent them to hospital
well anyways, after the meet up,
my dad planned to take some breakfast or should i said lunch? -like seriously i forgot when the time is it

so seriously, i bukannya type yang ske makan lunch, easy to say, i ni mmg susah nak makan hha since young lagi oh and i dont even know why...

mm kay

after we taken our lunch, my dad and my mum split up and we all semua pergi tmpat lain
so my dad need to take his parents to hospital while we all jalan2 lah kan

my mum planned nak bwk me, mikael, pka and syira to tesco and i cakap

i cakap why dont we all go to kl
but my mum tknk soo we end up go to nearest place called galaxy ampang, yang ada mbo tu lol
so before we planned nak tgk movie
kitorang jalan dpn salon so ttb adalah sekumpulan manusia (hahahaah) cm panggil kitorg buat haircut
actually lily pun dh mcm rimas dgn rambut ni and berkeputusan untuk potong rambut
yang ajak ni cm lembut lah sikit,
wtv it is, yang potong rambut lily sangatlah omg hot gila
hahahaha but he reminds me of one of my friends 
even pka pun macam omg hahaha
but thank god la dia ni mcm happening,sporting orangnya
setengah orang yang hot ni kan bile dgn orang yang tidak dikenalinya surely like sombong and bajet
rasa nak punch dia bertubi2 hahaha
after we had so much time in the salon - it sounds so wrong lol
we went to the cinema and we were like nak tengok cerita apa ni?
lily nak tgk 
rises of the guardians.
sebenarnya nak tgk jake frost :'(
he's too hot omg (cant believe im falling to animation character)
i wish ada orang yang muka serupa dia, in real life

well anyways, i didnt get the chance to watch it, cause pka nak tengok

 so we end up watching this
seriously, the story is so nice and we enjoyed watching it :D

and we also had a fun day spending together


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